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SV-VHP water sports

Water sports at Lake Zell

sv-vhp water sports
SV-VHP water sports
Krapfstraße 33, 5710 Kaprun, Austria
+43 664 144 38 56

SV-VHP Water Sports

The water sports section of the sportverein of the VERBUND VHP was founded in 1964. Since 1972 we have been guests on the lake property of the bank Carl Spängler on Lake Zell. In addition to swimming, rowing boating, surfing, standup paddling, sailing is our main activity.


The aim of the section is a well-founded training in sailing and youth work. During the summer months, we organize a children’s sailing every Saturday morning from 6 years and during the summer holidays the popular children’s sailing week with theory and practice training. For the twelve- and fourteen-year-olds we organize an annual Junior A or A-sham course. Due to these activities, our association does not currently have a junior problem.


The Water Sports Section provides its members with ten optimists, two rowing boats, four min, three zoom, two lasers, a catamaran, a G-Jolle and a dyas free of charge.


It was also always important to offer families affordable leisure activities. The section is financed on the one hand by the generous support of the bank Carl Spängler, the SV-VHP, many supporters of this youth work and by moderate membership fees.