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Power plant

Kaprun storage power plant main stage

The ensemble around the power house of the Kaprun-Hauptstufe is located at the foot of the Bürgkogel in the “Kapruner Winkl” on the left bank of the Kapruner Ache. Via the state road or, coming from the right bank of the Kapruner Ache over the factory bridge, one gets to a spacious square, which is surrounded by several outbuildings. From it, Krafthausstraße leads to the main building of the power plant. The main building consists of the power house with an attached workshop. The group of outbuildings about 200 m to the northeast includes buildings for surveying technology and apprenticeship training, motor vehicle and construction company workshops, garages, magazines and a locomotive shed. Another garage building is located on the slope of the Bürgkogel immediately northeast of the main building. At the beginning of the Kesselfallen road, the open-air switchgear “Kaprun” with the power plant’s plant is located at the beginning of the boiler trap road. The houses of the factory settlement are located on both sides of the Kapruner Ache.


The one- to two-storey outbuildings are equipped with whale roofs. Their exterior surfaces are partly white plastered, partly designed with veneered masonry. The one-storey building with the facilities for surveying technology and apprenticeship training has an extended attic with densely lined, whaled gaups. The two-storey magazine building consists of a stone-clad and white plastered part, which are grouped under a roof.

Factory settlements

The buildings of the factory settlements include residential buildings, houses for communal facilities such as the factory building and the factory kindergarten of Tauernkraftwerke AG, as well as the Barbara Chapel. They are characterized by the inclusion of historical, local designs, such as the expansive saddle roofs, balconies and small-sized window openings.

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